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"Christoph Haas doesn't seize upon the superficial, fashionable appeal of the exoticness of archaic instruments, rather he listens to the sound of their souls. It is remarkable with what sensitivity and dexterity Haas is able to seamlessly shift between the different shades of sound. The true attraction of this multicultural journey comes from the rapturous overtones of this music. The room is filled with a humming and singing of the finest vibrations. Overtones are always there, whether Haas nimbly plays the gong or drum or whether he draws buzzing sounds from the berimbao. The dialogue between the mysterious sounds of the singing bowls and the adequate overtone singing is also impressive." (Badische Zeitung)

"One of the most outstanding percussionists, a first class musician." (Bernd Krause, Stuttgarter Zeitung)

"Rhythm is a kind of world formula. A language common to all people. Christoph Haas proves that. His inspiration comes from the Arabic world, Africa, India and South America. Using these sources, he improvises, he dances, he sings. He makes it seem as if the drum were breathing, as if the drum were singing on its own. He plays clearly and with great feeling. One feels a ritual power, rich in simplicity, with an original, vital brilliance. In his performances, there is a gradual increase in intensity which leads to something like a poetic trance. It bewitches us and wakens our senses. It breathes nature and has stimulating side effects: the erotic elements of the drum are not left out. He is the smiling and knowing shaman, who sometimes holds the drum in front of his face like a mask through whom the ancestors of the world speak to us. The frame drum has great richness in Christoph Haas' hands. He achieves this both through his rhythmical virtuosity and intensity, and also through the amazing fullness of sound that reaches from fine "points" to overtone chords. When a snare is added, it achieves the archaism of a gong.        (Hansdieter Werner, Reutlinger Generalanzeiger)


"Christoph Haas, the personified union of radically different sounds and musical cultures, transforms space and time with drum, musical bow, gong and voice. He creates spherical sounds of great depth and bewitches his audience with musical transformations that imperceptibly slide into each other." (Leonberger Kreiszeitung)


"Sounds of timeless force. Christoph Haas, or, how a percussionist listens to infinity. Not least, a master of silence. At the same time, Haas' appearance is modest: he appears natural, unassuming, without any affectation. The effects are contagious: he offers transcendence, letting go and concentration as alternatives to the overwhelming influence of modern hectic activity." (Schorndorfer Zeitung)


"A superior performance that the audience listened to breathlessly, only to honor Christoph Haas with jubilant applause." (Marbacher Zeitung)


"Sensitivity and competence characterize these poetic musical worlds, that lead to meditation and encourage the listeners to open themselves to transcendence. The singing, monk-like musician could be preparing us for the celebration of an early Christian service, especially in the context of the gothic arches of the Lienzinger Frauenkirche." (Pforzheimer Zeitung)


"Gentle, spherical sounds fascinated the listeners and instilled them with inner peacefulness: composure and devotion to a faraway world of sound." (Murrhardter Zeitung)


"An intense and fascinating listening experience as well as an encounter with an exceptional musician. Christoph Haas is a master of improvisation as well as a virtuoso interpreter of these ancient cult instruments. The spell conveyed by these simple yet incredibly nuanced percussion instruments enchants the many spellbound listeners." (Marbacher Zeitung)


"One of the most creative percussionists in the country." (Lift)


"Percussionist Christoph Haas takes his audience on an enchanting journey into faraway worlds of sound. He not only plays his instruments, he plays with them. The performance was amazingly coherent in spite of the continuous change of instruments." (Schwarzwaelder Bote)


"Christoph Haas plays virtuoso sequences with matchless dexterity. His hands appear to barely touch the drumhead. In his percussive melodic playing of the musical bow, gentle overtones unfold in the concentrated silence of the room. It is always his entire body, the round movements, that meet and unite in his rhythms." (Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung)